Friday, May 19, 2006

Welcome to Gemini

Hello one and all,

I’ve had a few technical snafus starting this blog. It seems some browsers are not reading the text correctly, and your comments are not showing up. I’ve done some trouble-shooting myself, but my friend Steve is back in town this weekend and I should be able to figure it out with his help. Until then, thank you so much for your patience!

Like many astrologers, I’m always watching world and national events in relationship to the planets. I’ll soon be writing about some of the big themes I’ve been pondering, but for right now – in deference to Mercury’s entry into Gemini today - I have a short and light comment: I must admit that I am one of the thousands (millions?) who is starting to rely on Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart as my primary source for news. I’ll just consider that a toast and tribute to Gemini as the Sun also enters the sign tomorrow. Gemini is an air sign and expresses with dexterity, wit and a light touch, (albeit swinging to darkness and back again….)

A toast then to the Gemini season! May we honor Mercury by keeping supple in mind and nimble in heart. (Gemini also has a gift for mimicry – I plan to watch someone I admire and see if I can do it too!)