Friday, June 09, 2006


This past week Venus the planet of love, relating and pleasure has had lots of stressful aspects — the lover in each of us has been through a lot. On June 4 Saturn in Leo was square Venus, and on June 6 Chiron in Aquarius was square to her and Jupiter in Scorpio was opposing her. Venus is in her own sign in Taurus where she is at home, most comfortable and most inclined to function at her best. As long as she stays in Taurus (through June 23), we have her most gracious help in affairs of the heart.

The aspects this week have brought questions and doubts to the matter of relationships. Many have had pointed and often acute insights about how we love, who we love and our own capacity to be loved.

After this week’s necessary and precise re-articulation of how we love and what we are devoted to, it’s a good time to soften back into Venus’s dignity in Taurus and let Love have her warm way with us once again.