Thursday, July 06, 2006

Al Gore, movie star

Al Gore’s Sun is at 10º 55’ Aries, opposite Neptune at 11º 38’ Libra. These degrees have been enlivened by two recent solar eclipses – the first on Oct. 3, 2005 at 10º 19’ Libra, then again on March 29, 2006 at 8º 35’ Aries. The Sun of course, symbolizes one’s essential creative nature and that which keeps us inspired and close to our source. Neptune is the planet of film and photography, and it’s interesting that Gore is coming into the public eye in a new and vital way now through the power of his file, An Inconvenient Truth, which opened in the U.S. on June 16.

The U.S. progressed Moon is now at 4º Leo, the degree of Gore’s Ascendant – the mood of the U.S. public (the Moon) is resonating with Gore’s presence (the Ascendant). Certainly there are many other events and people that align with this degree, so it’s not exclusive to Gore, but I do think it’s a hopeful omen for the significance of the impact of the film on the American public. In the film, Gore makes the point that the issue of global warming is not political, but ethical and moral. He’s not acting as a politician, but as a spokesperson for a global phenomenon - again showing the breath of the Sun/Neptune tie in the natal chart.

When the film opened, Gore’s progressed Moon was at 15º Aquarius, exactly opposite his natal Saturn (with Mars and Pluto) in the 1st house - his concern with global warming began in his college years, and his innate sense of personal authority (Sun - 1st house ruler and exalted in Aries - trine Mars – ruler of the 10th and in Leo in the 1st house) feels appropriate now, as he is bringing the issue to public awareness - the result also of a long and deep commitment to the subject.

The power of Gore’s natal Mars will be apparent all year as it is the degree of his solar return Ascendant (set for his birthplace in Washington, D.C.) and the U.S. solar return Mars (19º18’ Leo). Many astrologers over the years have noted the dignity inherent in Gore’s Aries Sun in mutual reception (and trine) to his Mars in Leo. May that warrior-like nature help keep us moving towards a better future of passion and activism for the earth.