Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sun in Gemini

Yesterday the Sun went into Gemini for its annual sojourn through the sign of the twins.

Gemini draws our attention towards all dualities and differentiations, all polarities and their synthesis (spirit/matter; left-right brain, shadow/light, subject/object, masculine/feminine).

In the Greek world, the twins are Castor (the mortal brother) and Polydeuces (his immortal twin). They were the only beings who participated in both worlds....Olympus and Hades.
These twins had different fathers – just as Gemini has many sides, many talents, as if they are the offspring of different parents. Diversity and curiosity are attributes of the sign.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. The quickest planet, Mercury takes 88 days to travel around the Sun – 2/3 times as fast as Venus and the Earth.

The Greek Hermes is our planet Mercury - the messenger of the gods, who could be invisible at will and travel between worlds and the border-less places between.

Mercury is also Quicksilver which responds to every change in the air and the wind, which responds to the situation at hand, which is open to a new idea and curious about everything.

Until May 28, when Mercury enters Cancer, we have both Sun and Mercury in this sign of quick response and adaption. We can use this energy now in whatever place in life we may feel too solid or too stuck. Be like the swift-footed messenger of the gods now and listen for the slight changes in tone or current or texture in your life that will help you move with more agility and ease. A light quick step every now and then can be a welcomed motion in adjusting body, heart and mind to the demands of the time.
Onwards and upwards!